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GPC to potentially vote on contract next week ahead of special LMC conference

GP leaders will discuss the GP contract at a meeting next week, ahead of a special LMC conference called over the primary care network (PCN) draft service specifications.

The BMA confirmed to Pulse that the GP Committee will meet to discuss the outcome of the contract negotiations on 6 February.

However, it could not confirm whether leaders will be voting on the contract at this meeting.

In a tweet posted last week, Doncaster LMC chief executive Dr Dean Eggitt said: ‘GPC are renegotiating the GPC contract as we speak and I expect to attend to vote on it on Feb 6th.’

This comes as NHS England is currently analysing feedback on the network draft service specifications, which were published on 23 December.

There has been outcry by the profession against the specifications set out by NHS England for the network DES, which 99% of practices are signed up to.

Concerns were raised over the proposals when it was revealed that GPs will have to carry out fortnightly care home visits.

A number of LMCs have advised practices not to sign the network DES contract as it stands and a recent Pulse survey revealed that 80% of GP partners will pull out of the network DES contract if proposals go ahead.

Earlier this month, the BMA reassured GPs that concerns about the network draft service specifications were being heard ‘loud and clear’ and that these would form the ‘basis’ of its contract negotiations with NHS England.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that the GPC has voted to hold a special LMCs conference on networks after 80% of its GPC England members voted to reject the contract deal.