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​#GPnews: GP recruitment lead to explain workforce crisis impact on BBC radio

16:45 The BMA’s lead on GP education and training, Dr Krishna Kasaraneni, is going to be on BBC radio this evening discussing GP recruitment.

Dr Kasaraneni said he would be setting out to the public how recruitment problems are hampering GP services.

Also due to be on radio discussing GP recruitment is Pulse deputy editor Jaimie Kaffash, who will be interviewed by Sky tomorrow morning.

12:40 Pupils at school should be taught about the benefits and difficulties of breastfeeding, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health has said.

It said this comes as just a third of UK babies are breastfed at six months old – one of the lowest rates in Europe, reports the BBC.

College president Professor Neena Modi said they were upset to find that there’s a stigma around the practice already among children.

She said: ‘When we asked groups of children and young people what they thought about breastfeeding, we were really surprised – and a little bit upset – to hear the word “yucky” being used by them.

‘Clearly the perception that we, as a society, are giving children, is not the perception we want them to be getting.’

09:30 The BMA and Londonwide LMCs have questioned advice from NHS England London for GPs to ask patients in high-rise dwellings about fire safety.

Although ‘well-intended’, they strongly suggest advising on fire alarms and escape routes is the responsibility of the landlord rather than the doctor – who is already attempting to squeeze in multiple bits of complex medical advice into a ten-minute consultation.

But then again, as Dr David Turner says: ‘I know as much about fire alarms as Jeremy Hunt does about running a health service, so why not?’

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