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#GPnews: Jeremy Hunt accused of spending £44k on bathroom

14:45 A story from the Telegraph over the weekend seems to suggest that it is GPs’ fault that homeopathy continues to be prescribed.

Michael Marshall, Project Director at the Good Thinking Society, said audits had shown the Royal Hospital of Integrated Medicine, an NHS facility on Great Ormond Street, was routinely using money from local GP groups on homeopathic remedies.

He said: ’There is no good evidence that homeopathy works. The NHS should not be funding treatments which have been proven not to work as every penny that is spent could be betters spent elsewhere.’

9:30 Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, has splashed out on a new bathroom worth £44,000 at the Department of Health’s new offices.

Mr Hunt’s new bathroom is furnished with floor to ceiling slate tiles, lava tiles, vanity mirrors and a designer toilet along with sensor-activated lights, according to the Mirror.

But the health secretary took to Twitter to defend the expenditure. He said: ‘TRUE I requested shower for long dist cyclists in new Dept Health offices (as in current office)

‘FALSE it was for my own use. My cycle 2work only 10 mins so no need 2’freshen up’ as story elegantly says.But let’s encourage cyclists!’

However, the Department of Health’s new building in Victoria apparently already provides shower facilities for cyclists near the bike racks in the basement.