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#GPnews: Junior doctor strike is ‘not proportionate’, says Academy of Royal Colleges

15:15 An interesting tweet from GPC’s policy lead on education, training and workforce on an ITV News poll which shows strong public support for the latest announcement of further junior doctor strikes. 

This comes after the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges attacked the new industrial action plans, adding that ‘five days of strike action will cause real problems for the NHS.’

11:40 The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges earlier put out a statement critical of the BMA’s decision to hold a series of five-day strikes over the next few months.

It said: ’The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges is disappointed at the prospect of further sustained industrial action by junior doctors. We are acutely aware that the NHS is under extreme pressure at the moment. Patient safety and quality of care must be the priority.

’We know there are genuine concerns about the contract and working arrangements, but we do not consider the proposed strikes are proportionate.

’Five days of strike action, particularly at such short notice, will cause real problems for patients, the service and the profession.’

We’ll have more on that shortly.

9:35 Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has likened himself to the founder of the NHS, Nye Bevan, in a radio interview today on theupcoming industrial action by junior doctors.

Appearing on Radio 4’s Today programme, he was asked by presenter John Humphries about whether he would be standing down,the Mirror reports.

Mr Humphries said to the health secretary: ’You could say ”I’ve done my best, I’ve worked on this for years. Maybe it’s time I stepped aside and let someone else have a go because I haven’t got their confidence”.’

But Mr Hunt responded: ’Nye Bevan, the founder of the NHS, was described by the BMA as a medical Fuhrer.

’All I would say is we know very well that health secretaries are rarely popular in their job – but what matters is are we doing the right thing for patients.’