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#GPnews: Labour welcomes snap election chance to sort out the NHS

16:20 Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has welcomed plans for a snap election, remarking that the Tories’ ‘failed economic agenda’ has ‘left our NHS in problems’.

14:00 NHS England London has made a cute* GIF to illustrate how many more GPs there will be in the capital in 2020. (*does not clarify where these busloads of GPs are coming from)

12:30 The BMA has responded to the Prime Minister’s decision to call a snap general election – read the full story here. Other reaction from Twitter here: 

11:00 Hundreds of patients are suing the NHS over vaginal mesh implants used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence after childbirth, the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme has learned.

The patients suffered severe painful side effects after the polypropylene implants cut through into the vagina.

09:50 Good morning and welcome back from the long weekend!

Our top story this morning focuses on the Government’s plans to put GP streaming services in all A&Es before next winter.

Calculations show that to realise the ambition, around 400 more GPs will have to be made available, with GP leaders expressing fears over the impact this could have on access to routine appointments in regular GP practices.

Read the full story here