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#GPnews: Leave campaign’s message on NHS may have had ‘significant’ effect, says RCGP

16:15 More fall out from the Brexit vote. First, we have a story reporting that efforts to attract more EU GPs to stave off recruitment crisis have been hit.

Second, the RCGP have released a statement. Chair Dr Maureen Baker said: ’The British public – our patients – voted last Thursday to leave the European Union.

’Many of those who did vote to leave will have been influenced by a campaign that played up the amount of money that the UK pays to be a member state of the EU, and suggested that this money could be spent on the NHS instead.

’With the NHS – and general practice at its heart – held in such high regard amongst the public, and at a time when patients are struggling to make a GP appointment due to soaring demand, insufficient resources and a stagnating GP workforce, it is possible that these messages could have had a significant impact on the result.

’We must now hold those who stated that £350m a week could go to the NHS, instead of the EU, to account.’

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has already said that the claims over the NHS were a ‘mistake’.

12:15 Staying on the repercussions of the Brexit vote (it is pretty much the only story in town at the moment, after all), Professor Clare Gerada – former RCGP chair and long-time Labour supporter – has announced she is switching allegiances to the Lib Dems.

11:50 In case you missed it, here is Jeremy Hunt’s interview with ITV on his potential leadership bid:

9:30 Here’s our full story.

When asked on GMTV whether he was standing for PM, he said: ’I am seriously considering it. Nominations close on Thursday lunchtime. But what I want to do now is start making an argument as to what we do next as a country.

‘This is a big, big change and, you know, if we get it right we can succeed.’

8:30 The big story this morning is that health secretary Jeremy Hunt has said he is ‘seriously considering’ standing for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

He has said that he wants to hold a second referendum on staying in the single market.

We will have more on that story very shortly.