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#GPnews: LMCs representatives prepare for historic conference

16:10 Lots of GPs are getting ready for tomorrow’s Special LMCs Conference. Early indications are that the keynote speech by GPC chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul will be a memorable one!

15:00 The wonderfully named’Banbury Cake’ carries a story that the NHS is set to fund hand transplants. Four people are set to receive the transplants from a specialist team in Leeds.

13:20 Also in the Guardian, news that the Government has backed a controversial bill to widen access to ’experimental’ drugs.

Apparently Life Sciences minister George Freeman has given his support for the private member’s bill, which was being debated this morning in the Commons and is aimed at ‘encouraging GPs and hospital doctors to try experimental medicines’.

Not themselves, of course, but to give to their patients – apparently it could mean browsing a database to find ‘not only standard treatments’ but also what drug trials are taking place for patients to potentially participate in, as well as ‘details of the off-label use of drugs – where a medicine has been prescribed by doctors for something for which it is not licensed’.

However, apparently opponents of the bill are alarmed that it would water down safeguards, and it could face strong opposition in the Lords.

12:00 It feels a little like the calm before tomorrow’s storm. But interest in the Special LMCs Conference is rising. The Guardian is carrying a preview piece from Dr Kaliash Chand, deputy chair of BMA Council and a retired GP.

10:45 An interesting development from NHS Brighton and Hove CCG, which has launched the first guidance for GPs for supporting trans patients. They say there are at least 2,760 trans people who live in the city. You can read the guidance here.

10:15 A radical idea for Public Health England to consider. The chief economist at the King’s Fund has posted a pic of a restaurant run by the Thailand public health department. We hear the chicken is quite rubbery though.

9:20 The Unite union is attempting to organise a rally at the Special LMCs Conference tomorrow. Don’t worry though – it is in support of delegates and GPs in general. They detail the rally in a tweet:

9:15 Welcome to today’s live blog. Our top story today is the GPC’s survey showing the effect of CQC inspections, ahead of the Special LMCs Conference tomorrow – which will no doubt feature heavily today…

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