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#GPnews: More than 70,000 extra care home places needed by 2025

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12:20 A tweet from what (we hope) is a parody account from Simon Stevens’ beard. The beard has some major plans for general practice, it seems:

Luckily, not many GPs get the chance to take lunch so it probably isn’t an issue.

9:20 A new Lancet study has concluded that more than 70,000 extra care home places will be needed by 2025.

The Telegraph among others reports that women over the age of 65 can now expect to spend the last three years of their lives in a care home, or receiving help several times daily. Two decades ago, they could expect to spend the last 18 months of their lives in need of such help. Men will receive care for the last two and a half years of their life – compared with just over a year 20 years earlier. 

Professor Carol Jagger, lead author from Newcastle University, said: ’Our study suggests that older people today are spending more of their remaining life with care needs.

’This finding, along with the increasing number of older adults with higher rates of illness and disability, is contributing to the current social care crisis.’