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#GPnews: NHS draws up plans to axe IVF funding in some areas

14:30 Elsewhere today, the NHS has ‘stopped funding or drawn up plans to restrict the amount of IVF provisions’, due to continued funding pressures impacting the the health service, reports the Telegraph.

The move, which will affect one in 10 parts of the country, has been described by fertility experts and charities as ‘out of the blue’, adding that it ‘paints a bleak picture’ for couples struggling to conceive.

13 CCGs are consulting on the plans to halt funding any IVF treatment or cut back on the options which are available – meanwhile six areas have already taken such decisions.

11:45 The GPC’s training lead has this morning tweeted an article in the Telegraph, which claims some NHS out-of hours services across the country have been left with no GPs and other practices are turning to ‘refugee medics’ to plug the ‘desperate shortage of GPs.’

According to the paper, parts of Yorkshire covering up to 300,000 patients have been left without any doctor to send out overnight. 

Dr Krishna Kasaraneni said the that the story emphasises the continued recruitment crisis facing the GP profession, and that any rehotic from the Government claiming ’there are more GPs than ever before’ should be challenged. 

09:40  Our top story this morning is focusing on NHS England’s plans for GPs and practice nurses to require a certification to do spirometry.

When tentative plans for a register of certified professionals were first revealed by Pulse some three years ago, this raised a lot of questions among the GP community.

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