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#GPnews: No immediate industrial action in wake of GPC list closure poll

16:50 The RCGP has reacted to the BMA’s list closure poll, branding it ‘a call for help’.

RCGP Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard said: ‘That practice list closures on a wide scale are even being considered is an indication of just how pressurised general practice is at the moment – and how downtrodden GPs and our teams across the country are feeling.

‘No practice would ever consider closing their list to new patients if they were not seriously concerned about their ability to cope with their increasing workload and deliver care to patients safely.

‘The RCGP has shown numerous times over the last few years that nowadays, UK family doctors making 60 patient contacts a day is commonplace – and that they are routinely working intensive 11-hour plus days in clinic. GPs who are fatigued are more likely to make mistakes – so these working conditions are potentially a risk to our patients’ safety.

‘The results of this survey are a call for help. We need the pledges in NHS England’s GP Forward View – including £2.4bn extra a year for general practice and 5,000 more full-time equivalent GPs – delivered in full, and as a matter of urgency.’

15:45 The BMA has finally released the results of its poll of GP surgeries regarding mass list closures.

The survey of close to 2,000 practices showed over half would consider the measure, but – as GPC chair Dr Richard Vautrey explains here – this is not about to result in immediate industrial action being organised by the BMA.

11:20 As the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) ‘Scrap the Cap’ protest was set to descend on Westminster today, the Scottish Government has taken the lead with the announcement it will end public sector pay austerity.

Read the full story, which gives hope for Scottish GPs, here.

Meanwhile, the Evening Standard reports RCN is expecting 2,000 nurses protesting in London today to persuade Prime Minister Theresa May to follow suit.

09:30 ‘Listen to women’, says the Guardian’ take on the news about NICE’s first-ever endometriosis guideline, published today.

As we also report, the guideline urges GPs not to rule out the condition even if ultrasounds, MRI and pelvic examinations come up negative.

NICE argues that delayed diagnosis is a serious problem in cases of endometriosis, with patients often in pain for many years.

Read the story in full here

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