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#GPnews: Pharmacists call for ‘remedial action’ of Capita support services

15:45 The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee has followed the lead of the GPC and expressed no confidence in Capita’s delivery of primary care services, calling for ’remedial action’.

In a letter to NHS England, it set out a number of areas in which pharmacists have been experiencing poor service from Primary Care Support England. These include:

  • Serious delays in delivery of vital controlled stationery;
  • Staff who are confused and lack knowledge about practices and processes; and
  • Delays, incomplete letters and failures to issue the required notifications around market entry provisions.

Gordon Hockey, PSNC director of operations and support, said: ’PSNC is of the view that service levels from Capita are unacceptable and we are very concerned that the problems caused are starting to have an adverse effect on the delivery of community pharmacy services and the care of patients.

’We have been working with Capita to try to resolve the issues but have now escalated this to NHS England seeking assurances that the poor service will be improved.’

Following GPC’s vote of no confidence, a Capita spokesperson told Pulse: ’Capita have been engaged by NHS England to undertake this major transformation of primary care services from what was a locally agreed, fragmented system to one that is standardised, effective and efficient.

‘Given the scale and complexity of transformation there will undoubtedly be challenges. We are working closely with NHS England and our key stakeholders including the GPC. NHS England have recognised the progress we have made and together we will ensure it continues.’

12:30 Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith has made 20 pledges today, including one to increase the top rate of tax in order to fund a 4% rise in NHS funding.

11:30 NHS England board papers published today reveal that NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens took a pay cut when joining the organisation.

Minutes from the 26 May meeting state: ’The Chairman reported that, when appointed as CEO, Simon Stevens had taken a voluntary £20,000 cut in his salary. Simon has for a third year informed the Chairman that he wishes to continue with the £20,000 reduction in salary. Additionally, he did not wish to be considered for an annual bonus payment.’

9:30 Updated figures from Heath Education England reveal that 15% of training places remain vacant.

Pulse has previously reported that there were 454 vacancies available following two rounds of recruitment, out of an original figure of 3,811. However, the latest updated figures reveal that there are 580 vacancies across the UK. 

This seems to reflect a vast improvement on the first round of recruitment, when 30% of places remained unfilled.

East Midlands 22 280 7.86
East of England 23 328 7.01
Kent, Surrey & Sussex 9 258 3.49
North East 78 192 40.63
North West 37 494 7.49
South West 28 264 10.61
Thames Valley 0 126 0.00
Wessex 21 150 14.00
West Midlands 93 364 25.55
Yorkshire & Humber 113 351 32.19
London Recruitment 5 458 1.09
NHS Education Scotland 101 325 31.08
Northern Ireland 6 85 7.06
Wales Deanery 44 136 32.35
TOTAL 580 3811 15.22

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