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#GPnews: Pulse highlights GP burnout problems with Good Morning Britain

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Revealed: one in seven GPs turns to alcohol and drugs to cope

‘My only reaction to a suicidal patient was resentment for taking up my time’ 

15:40 With all of this is coming on the National Stress Awareness day, NHS Choices has some tips on how to manage.


15:20 Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard, chair of the RCGP, has responded to Pulse’s major survey about stress in general practice – featured this morning on Good Morning Britain.

She said: ‘These are incredibly tough times for GPs throughout the UK. Our workload is increasing and becoming ever more complex, and we know that many GPs are putting their own health and wellbeing at risk – and burning out in some cases – as they do the best they can for their patients in increasingly difficult circumstances.

‘Fit and healthy GPs are good for patients, but we are trying to do more and more on less and less, and there is a limit beyond which we can no longer guarantee that we are practising safely for our patients and protecting our own health and wellbeing. That is hugely stressful for caring professionals and their patients.’

She said what was being seen now was ‘the result of a decade of underinvestment in our family doctor service’ and went on to urge NHS England to push on with delivering the GP Forward View commitments.

She added: ‘We need similar commitments in the devolved nations too.’

14:00 A new NHS anti-fraud organisation has launched today, amid data showing £1.25bn worth of NHS services are fraudulently claimed by patients every year.

Sue Frith, the head of the new NHS Counter Fraud Agency said they would be looking at new ways to fight such crime, reports the BBC.

The biggest culprits were patients, according to the article, who were fraudulently procuring goods and services worth over £200m a year.

This could include things like claiming to be exempt from prescription charges or dental fees.

Meanwhile, payroll fraud was cited in the case of £90m worth of lost funds, whilst dentists were accused of charging the NHS an extra £70m a year for work they had not carried out.

Ms Frith said: ‘People may think it is just a small amount, but in large volumes it adds up and has an impact. It is criminal behaviour.

‘It is despicable people would even claim things they are not entitled to. This is money that should be spent on front line patient care.’

8:30 ITV’s flagship breakfast programme, Good Morning Britain, has run a major piece on GP burnout based on Pulse’s survey on almost 850 GPs

The report highlighted the problems for GPs, and the consequences. Pulse has revealed that 15% of GP have turned to either alcohol or prescription drugs or both to cope with the stresses of the job

GPs have been sharing their stories with Pulse anonymously, including many who said they were so burnt out they found themselves lacking compassion, even when faced with suicidal patients.