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#GPnews: Scottish Government to offer ‘most generous IVF provision in the UK’

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16:10 A new report by Macmillan Cancer Support has revealed that hundreds of thousands of people who were diagnosed with cancer in the last 40 years are still alive today. 

According to the charity, people suffering with the condition are twice as likely to survive for at least a decade after being diagnosed than they were at the start of the 1970s, the BBC reports

The reason for this, it said, was because of better available treatments and speedier diagnoses. 

14:25 The Labour Party has called for all of the Tory Government’s policies to a ‘undergo a mental health impact assessment’ – after new research revealed that one if three people have experienced mental health issues while in employment.

According to a survey of nearly 2,000 people carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), it found that 31% have endured some form of a mental health problem during their career – up from 26% in 2011, the Welfare Weekly reports. 

The research also found that despite the rise in people experiencing mental health problems, the majority of workers believe employers do not provide enough support to employees with mental health issues. 

Debbie Abrahams, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary, said: ’Employers cannot afford to ignore people’s mental health in the workplace, which is why we need robust frameworks to ensure early intervention and more support to keep employees in work.

’We should consider ensuring that major government policies undergo a mental health impact assessment so that the nation’s mental health needs are reflected in policy making across all government departments, as advocated in a report about Mental Health in Society, published earlier this year.’

12:00 The Scottish Government is extending the IVF treatment it offers, to become the most ‘generous acrss the UK’.

The Daily Record reports that couples will be offered three rounds of IVF, and will offer treatment to couples where one partner has children from a previous relationship.

Public Health Minister Aileen Campbell told the Daily Record: ’We want to make sure access to treatment on the NHS is as fair as it can be – giving more people the opportunity to conceive. That is why we recently announced changes to the eligibility criteria for IVF, including provision for couples with children and increasing the number of available cycles from two to three.

’We are working with health boards to implement changes so that couples with children in the home, but where one partner does not have a biological child, can access IVF.

’These changes to access criteria will make IVF provision in Scotland the most generous across the UK.’

9:30 Something you may have missed from NHS England’s board meeting last week – NHS England spoke on Capita’s delivery of primary care support services.

Karen Wheeler, NHS England’s national director of transformation and corporate operations, talking about Capita’s primary care support to date in Thursday’s NHS England board meeting, said: ‘We are disappointed.’

She added: ‘Capita are also extremely disappointed’.

She then said: ‘I am confident that the service is in recovery and even now many of the backlogs that did grow up in the early months have been recovered and eliminated and service is improving all the time.

But she added that ‘there is more work to be done’ told Pulse: ‘I am working very closely with Capita to ensure they get back to an acceptable service quickly.’

It comes as Pulse has reported today that any savings made from the Capita list cleansing drive are to be ploughed back into primary care.