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#GPnews: Surgeon wins appeal against manslaughter conviction

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17:15 Vote Leave Watch, the lobby group chaired by Labour MP Chukka Umunna, will tonight call on the Government to ensure that the NHS receives an extra £350m extra each week – a move campaigners said was possible if the UK voted to leave the EU. 

But since the referendum campaigners have rowed back on the pledge, the Metro reports

Mr Umunna said: ‘Prime Minister and her colleagues are overly fond of saying that “Brexit means Brexit”. I agree – the will of the people must be obeyed. But if that phrase means anything, it must mean that the single most high profile pledge of the Leave campaign should be delivered.

‘No Government minister has offered a reason why Brexit should mean an exit from the EU but not the large injection of cash into the NHS that we were promised would come with it.’

15:45 Can a phone be used to check if patients are taking their meds?

Scientists have found that the molecules on your phone can reveal a lot about you.

On 40 phones, they found traces of substances such as caffeine and anti-depressants according to the BBC.

Dr Amina Bouslimani, an assistant project scientist on the study, said: ‘By analysing the molecules they left behind on their phones, we could tell if a person is likely to be female, uses high-end cosmetics, dyes her hair, drinks coffee, prefers beer over wine, likes spicy food, is being treated for depression, wears sunscreen and bug spray – and therefore likely to spend a lot of time outdoors – all kinds of things.’


This test for molecules could be used to discover who the phone’s owner is, check if patients are taking medication and give information about exposure to pollution, scientists suggested.

12:42 A UK surgeon has won an appeal against his conviction for manslaughter, having served 15 months of a jail term, reports the Guardian.

Colorectal surgeon Dr David Sellu was convicted to 2.5 years in 2013, relating to the death of a patient who fell unexpectedly ill following knee surgery at a private hospital in London.


Three court of appeal judges in London allowed Dr Sellu’s challenge today.

10:15 The Education Policy Institute Independent Commission on Children and Young People’s Mental Health has put out a warning that money pledged to improve child mental health services isn’t reaching the front line.

the BBC.

The report further said 23% of specialist services are turning children away, with authors finding that ‘something has to go drastically wrong before some services will intervene’.