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#GPnews: Young people’s ‘blatant addiction’ to mobile phones harming care of the elderly

14:25 Ever wondered how much extra cash the NHS would have pocketed if the Leave campaign’s false promise of £350m each week after Brexit had been true? Well, wonder no more. It’s £22.8bn and counting according to

Boris better pay up – fast. According to the Metro, the number is flying up at a rate of £563.82 per second, or £1m every half an hour.

With the ‘worst winter flu season in history’ fast approaching it’s too bad it was all a ruse.

9:30 Dr Phillip Lee, justice minister and a GP, said that Britain has become a ’sick society’ that ’outsources’ its care for the most vulnerable in society, the Telegraph reports. 

He said that the example of Muslim, Hindu and Jewish families – who he says takes care of elderly members – should be followed.

Dr Lee also claimes that family bonds were likely to loosen, with younger generations forming ’superficial’ and ’shallow’ relationships, fuelled by a ’blatant addiction’ to mobile phones.

’Our society is quite sick and no one really wants to talk about it,’ he told a meeting with Age UK. ’When I used to do visits I would go into residential nursing homes and I would rarely meet a Jew a Muslim or a Hindu.’

’In those communities it’s a responsibility that they look after their own; that they care for each other at different stages of our lives.’

He added: ’I don’t want to see a stranger knocking on the door with a meal. I want to see somebody that I know – a friend, somebody in my family. Because it’s really tough – bloody awful to be honest, getting old, thinking ”how is this going to end”? And I think care is much better delivered my people who truly care, not people who are paid to care.’