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GPs don’t want to open seven days, short people at greater risk of heart disease and £13m for suncream

The BMA’s survey of 15,000 GPs has made it onto the Telegraph front page, which says ‘almost all’ GPs don’t want seven day working at their own practice.

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Scientists have found a genetic link between heart disease and height, with short people the unlucky ones. The Independent writes that for each 2.5 inches shorter a person is, they have 13.5% greater risk of developing heart problems.

The paper says there is ‘little they can do about it’, as it is in their DNA.

The Daily Mail attacks GPs for prescribing items that are cheaply available off the shelf in pharmacies. Its front page focuses on a ‘£13m’ NHS bill for suncream. Other items it says were prescribed included yoghurt and Calpol.