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GPs say health secretary is undermining their profession, contact lens for diabetes and why hospitals should always close their curtains

GPs hit back at health secretary Jeremy Hunt this morning, saying he is trying to undermine public trust in their profession. A Guardian poll of 1,000 GPs shows that 83% of respondents agreed with the statement that ‘Jeremy Hunt is seeking to undermine public trust in GPs’, and 3% disagreed.

One GP who took part in the poll said: ‘I feel GPs are being used as political scapegoats, and the propaganda being voiced is to the detriment of patient care.’ The Department of Health said that the poll was asking ‘leading questions’ and that Jeremy Hunt was a advocate of GPs. Although if you have friends like that….

On a lighter note, Google have developed a contact lens that can inform patients about their blood glucose levels. The internet company announced it has produced a prototype of the ingenious device, which features ‘tiny antennae’, according to the Mirror newspaper. Whether if also frees itself from the back of your eye after a hard day at work, we have yet to find out.

Lastly, the Express reports that visitors to Epsom Hospital in Surrey got an eyeful after surgeons were operating on someone without drawing the blinds. Apparently, five people saw medics cutting open an unidentified man in an incident that was branded ‘disrespectful’. Although what you are expecting to see when peeking through a hospital’s windows, Daily Digest doesn’t know.