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Healthier not to reset clocks, laziness kills and Hunt’s dreams of ‘smoke-free’ Britain

‘Ditching’ Greenwich Mean Time would bring a whole host of health benefits to Britain, a study has suggested. Public health would be boosted and children would do more exercise as a result of more light in the evening, The Times reports.

And Brits need more exercise, reports The Telegraph, as a Public Health England report concludes that our ‘couch potato lifestyle’ is ‘as deadly as smoking’. According to the report the situation is so dire that it could lead to the collapse of the welfare state.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has a positive outlook for the future of public health however, telling MPs he believes Britain could go completely smoke-free. ‘I think we should aspire to a smoke-free Britain. We are making remarkable progress and I think the point this report makes is that we need to integrate our thinking about public health with our thinking about the services that the NHS delivers,’ The Independent quotes him telling the House of Commons.