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Hospitals don’t investigate deaths, Paris survivor waiting months for NHS therapy and why you can’t be ‘fat but fit’

Just one in seven deaths of vulnerable patients are investigated by English hospitals, writes the Guardian.

The paper’s FOI investigation showed hospitals in England ’investigated just 209 out of 1,436 deaths of inpatients with learning disabilities since 2011’.

The chief inspector of hospitals said the ‘very concerning’ results would feed into an ongoing investigation by the CQC.

A British survivor of the terror attacks in Paris last month is having to wait several months for talking therapy on the NHS, reports the Telegraph.

Traumatised Michael O’Connor, from Newcastle upon Tyne, protected his girlfriend with his life at the Batclan concert hall by lying on top of her, writes the paper.

’My GP has been brilliant and so have victim support but it is disappointing I haven’t been able to speak to specialist. I feel completely alone,’ said Mr O’Connor.

The notion that one can be fat but fit is a myth, writes the Mirror.

Even the fittest obese people run a 30% higher risk of dying, a major study has found.

Being lean and unfit led to fewer health risks.