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Hunt begs ambulance crew not to strike over pay, a £20 heart attack test for women and why husbands should stay away during childbirth

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has called on paramedics to call off a planned 12-hour strike over pay next Thursday, or it would ‘affect patient safety to an unacceptable level’ at a time of ‘unprecedented pressure’ on urgent care services, reports the Telegraph.

The strike, which is one of two planned actions, is due to see ambulance crews walk out from noon until midnight, with hospital workers to strike from 9am to 9pm, both on 29 January.

A new £20 heart attack test ‘will save thousands of women’ declares the Daily Mail’s front page. According to the article, existing tests for cardiac trouble in women have diagnosis rate of only 11% but the new blood test, which measures levels of troponin protein produced by damaged heart cells, has a 22% diagnosis rate for both men and women.

Finally, the Times reports that men ‘really should stay away at childbirth’, as research showed that for some women the presence of their partner made pain worse. However this was especially for those who ‘tended to avoid closeness in their relationship’.