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Hunt blames nurses for wasting billions, Obama gets tough on ebola and why crash diets may be most effective

Poor care on hospital wards is costing the NHS billions, according to Jeremy Hunt. Trailing a speech by the health secretary later today, The Daily Mail reports that he will say mistakes costs between £1bn-£2.5bn a year.

However he was accused by the Royal College of Nursing for trying to blame nurses for errors caused by a lack of investment and low staffing levels, reportsThe Independent.

The Mail further reports that US President Barack Obama will send in ‘SWAT teams’ as soon as a new ebola case is discovered in the States, as part of a ‘more aggressive’ response in tackling the disease.

And if you were sitting there feeling bad for missing breakfast – read The Telegraph instead. The paper reports on a new study suggesting that crash-dieting may be a more effective way of tackling the pounds than steady weight loss because the release of appetite-suppressant ketones.

Reasearchers followed a group of obese people put on a 12-week weight loss programme, comparing them to a group given 36 weeks to lose the same amount of weight, finding the crash dieters were 80% successful compared to just 50% of the other group.