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In summary: What areas are CCGs choosing for remote monitoring?

CCG Area chosen for remote monitoring DES
Lambeth Hypertension
Southwark Hypertension
Lewisham Hypertension
Bexley Hypertension
Bromley Hypertension
Greenwich Hypertension
Richmond Hypothyroidism
Kingston Hypothyroidism
Croydon Hypertension
Wandsworth COPD/HF
Wessex CCG Hypertension
South Devon & Torbay Asthma/COPD/respiratory
Surrey and Sussex COPD/Heart failure/Hypothyroidism/Emergency admissions
Bristol, North Somerset, S Gloucs Choice of COPD, HF, Diabetes
Gloucester HPN and respiratory
Swindon Heart Failure
Bath and N East Heart Failure
Kent and Medway Heart Failure/Asthma/Respiratory/Diabetes/Hypothyroidism
Sutton Still finalising
Merton Still finalising
Devon , Cornwall, IOS Not replied on this
Thames Valley No reply
Wilts Not agreed

Source: NHS England, provided after a request under the Freedom of Information Act