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Lack of vitamin D causes MS, house dust reveals who your pet is and the bionic family jewels

Scientists have found ‘strong evidence’ of a causal link between a lack of vitamin D and developing multiple sclerosis (MS), reports the Guardian.

Canadian scientists studied the DNA of over 30,000 patients to conclude that any genetic marker to suggest lower vitamin D uptake increased the risk of developing the disease.

They also said this could explain why the disease was more common at northern latitudes of the world.

Lead scientist Dr Brent Richards from McGill University in Canada said: ‘The identification of vitamin D as a causal susceptibility factor for MS may have important public health implications, since vitamin D insufficiency is common, and vitamin D supplementation is both relatively safe and cost-effective.’

In other breaking science news, the Guardian further reveals the microbes in your house dust can reveal what type of pet you live with.

A major study of dust collected from the top of door frames in over 1,000 US homes discovered 70,000 types of fungi and over 125,000 kinds of bacteria, with these varying based on the gender of the people living their and what sort of pet they kept.

They found some caused allergies, while some were in fact beneficial for health.

And finally… a man whose penis was ripped off as a child can now lose his virginity, the Metro reported. Having had the tragic accident when he was dragged by a car for 600ft at six years old, Mohammed Abad, 43, is now able to achieve an erection due to a bionic penis implant. Rumours that it is accompanied by the sound effects from the Six Million Dollar Man are as yet unconfirmed.