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LMC draws up ‘work creep’ list to publicise GPs’ inappropriate workload

An LMC has drawn up a list of inappropriate requests that GPs are having to contend with in a bid to empower practitioners to resist them.

The requests – including rehousing support requests, post-procedure results checks and ‘Bedroom Tax’ exemption letters – form Cleveland LMC’s ‘work creep’ list, which is sent to GPs in its weekly bulletins.

The demands – which are not funded by the GP contract – have been partly blamed for increasing GP burnout, which is the subject of a Pulse campaign to raise awareness of the problem both within and outside of the profession.

Dr John Canning, secretary of the Cleveland LMC, said: ‘All of us know that these things happen, but everyone thinks that it’s only them.’

‘This is a service that we are providing to our members so that they know what is reasonable and what isn’t. However, we think that the list has value beyond a local level.’