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More older women in alcohol treatment, a British bird flu case and the troubles of ‘anorgasmia’

Older retired professional women are increasingly seeking help for alcoholism. The Times reports that it is the ‘silver-sixties’ women of the baby-boom generation who are behind a rise in numbers in treatment due to ‘long-term heavy drinking’. But the good news is that the statistics are improving amid people aged 18-29.

A case of bird flu has been confirmed in Britain, although the risk to (human) public health was very low. It is worse for the birds with poultry set to be culled and a 10km exclusion zone set up. The virus can affect humans in rare cases but The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said it had ruled out the deadly-to-humans H5N1 strain in this case, reports the BBC,

The Daily Mail invites you to ‘meet the young woman’ suffering from anorgasmia, reporting that ‘one woman in 20’ will never experience an orgasm. The paper says the condition is putting a huge strain on Megan Ward’s relationship.

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