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‘Musketeer’ midwives pursued ‘natural’ childbirth at a cost, the new arthritis cure and how a drink actually does make you look more attractive

The big health story for today’s newspapers is yesterday’s report into failings at the Morecambe Bay hospital’s maternity unit. According to a report in the Telegraph, 19 mother and infant deaths could have been avoided if ‘a band of midwives’ referring to themselves as ‘the Musketeers’ and were ‘in over-zealous pursuit of natural childbirth at any cost’ had called on doctors when required.

The cure for arthritis has been found, claims the Daily Express (for the third time since last summer). This time it is British researchers who, using stem cells from discarded IVF embryos, were able to regrow healthy cartilage tissue in mice with faulty joints.

More good news over on the Independent where it is reported that it is not just in your head, you actually do become more attractive when you’re drinking. The bad news? The effect wears off it you have more than the one drink. Researchers at the University of Bristol photographed subjects across the stages of drinking finding they were found most attractive after one alcoholic drink.