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NHS Clinical Commissioning Coalition sets out mandate with ‘four pillars’ of GP commissioning

The NHS Clinical Commissioning Coalition, set up by the NHS Alliance and NAPC, has published its mandate to supporting and championing clinical commissioning groups.

The mandate, established following a series of events for clinical commissioners, and launched to coincide with the coalition's annual conference of CCG leaders today, contains ‘four pillars' for clinical commissioning.


These are:

-     Focus on public health: improving health and not just healthcare; clinical commissioners must be able to leverage health improvement both by improving health care and by influencing others, such as through Health and Wellbeing Boards locally.

-     The need to avoid over centralism: local commissioners should be able to focus on local needs and solutions.

-     Local flexibility: Whilst some direction from the centre is legitimate and appropriate, local commissioners should have freedom to keep decisions local; one size doesn't fit all.

-     Collective working: health and social care should be integrated at the point of delivery, which requires collective working both across primary care and with colleagues in secondary care

Dr Michael Dixon, chair of NHS Alliance and senior member of the NHS clinical commissioning coalition, said: ‘The coalition is determined to support and champion clinical commissioning groups and their leaders to ensure that they feel empowered and have the tools to deliver a new NHS that is shaped by local needs and solutions; an NHS that is committed not only to improving patient care but is also integrated and plays a key role in the health of whole communities.'

Dr Charles Alessi, chair of NAPC and a fellow senior member of the coalition, said: ‘The time for primary care has arrived. We now have the opportunity to demonstrate, with our patients and local stakeholders, the transformation that can be achieved locally in the quality of service provision, in bringing care out of hospitals as well as other institutions, and in demonstrating value for money.'