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NHS data-sharing risks, no more ‘Golden Girls’ and why new dads won’t cheat makes the headlines again as the Telegraph covers the risk analysis of the scheme on this morning’s front page. According to the newspaper, it sees NHS managers admit it could ‘undermine’ patient confidentiality.

As previously reported by Pulse, the Privacy Impact Assessment also warned it could lead to patients losing trust in the NHS.

Also according to the Telegraph, the ‘Golden Girls’ notion of women outliving their husbands is being challenged, as men are now expected to outlive women in 100 areas of England.

The statistics, unveiled by the 2011 census, have led demographers to query which social changes in the last generation could be behind the new trends, with the decline of heavy industry and the popularity of smoking possibly the main factors.

However, the Mirror has some good news for women as it reports that ‘new mums need not worry their partners will stray’. According to US researchers new fathers see their testosterone levels drop by a third in the first year after their baby is born, with a further 20% decline if they are a ‘hands-on’ dad.

Researcher Dr Lee Gettler said: ‘It’s not just mothers who biologically respond to parenthood. Our species has evolved paternal instincts which are somewhat unique to our species compared with our closest relatives.’