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NHS England asks housing developer for £700,000 contribution to GP services

NHS England has asked a housing developer to contribute more than £700,000 towards reconfiguring GP services in the affected area.

NHS England and NHS East and North Herts CCG raised concerns that a new development in Stevenage town centre would put increased pressure on local GP surgeries, which are already running over capacity.

Development company Park Place Plaza Ltd plans to build 202 new homes in the development, creating what NHS England and the CCG estimate would be close to 500 new patient registrations.

NHS England said in a submission to Stevenage Borough Council: ‘There are a number of surgeries that will be affected by the proposed developments that do not have the capacity to absorb the additional requirement for general medical services.’

GP practices in the town highlighted their concern about already constrained GP premises infrastructure to the CCG and NHS England.

NHS England and NHS East and North Herts CCG said that a developer contribution of £125,469.50 for primary care GMS and £622,893.26 to the reconfiguration of local practices to cope with the new demand placed by the development was ‘fair and reasonable’.

Stevenage Borough Council said that the planning application was ongoing and that it would consider NHS England and the CCG’s request as part of the planning process.

Park Place Plaza Ltd could not be reached for comment at time of publication.