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NHS manager ‘gravy train’, the bright future for bottled mucus and why seven-a-day is better

NHS managers are still being paid ‘gravy train’ wages, reports the Telegraph. An investigation by the paper has thrown up instances of managers paid a wage equivalent of that of 26 nurses.

Margaret Hodge, chairman of the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee, said: ‘Its appalling and immensely depressing. We know the NHS is struggling to cope with its financial constraints. Ministers have repeatedly said they will clamp down on this, but these figures show it is worse than ever – the gravy train rolls on and on.’

The Daily Express fronts today’s paper with the news that five-a-day is not enough fruit and veg and that if you top that up to seven, your risk of death decreases by 10%.

And lastly, bottled mucus may soon be used to help patients with various forms of gut disease, such as Crohn’s disease, say a US team of doctors. The body naturally produces around a litre of mucus a day but in some patients with gut disease this flow is disrupted, reports the BBC.