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‘Partial climbdown’ by Hunt, ebola nurse back in isolation and homosexuality determined by gene changes?

The health secretary has been ‘forced into a partial climbdown’ in the row over junior doctors’ pay, according to the Guardian’s front page today.

Jeremy Hunt’s sent a letter of assurances to BMA yesterday, in a bid to try to avoid 53,000 junior doctors being balloted for industrial action.

The Scottish nurse who attracted ebola while treating victims of last year’s epidemic has been re-isolated in hospital after an apparent return of the virus.

Experts said the risk to the public was ‘very low’, reports the BBC.

Papers also widely report on a study, yet to be unveiled, claiming homosexuality is determined by gene changes after birth.

Amid a finding only 20% of identical male twins are both gay, the researchers focused on epigenetics to study whether environmental factors post birth could have affected how their gene code was read, the Telegraph writes.

They claim they can now predict whether a man is gay or straight with 70% accuracy, but the study was met by skepticism among UK scientists.