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Polio-like disease found in children, medical records sold to insurance companies and vacuum helps treat wounds

A rare Polio-like disease has been seen in California children the Guardian and BBC report today.

A polio-like illness has afflicted a small number of children in California since 2012, causing severe weakness or rapid paralysis in one or more limbs.

State public health officials had been investigating the illness since a doctor requested polio testing for a child with severe paralysis in 2012. Since then, similar cases have sporadically been reported throughout the state.

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Meanwhile the Daily Telegraph reveals that the medical records of every hospital patient in the country have been sold for insurance purposes.

A report by a major insurance company discloses that it was able to obtain 13 years of hospital data-cover 47 million patients-in order to help companies “refine” their premiums.

Finally the Daily Mail reports on a mini vacuum that helps hard to heal wounds in patients’ homes.  The treatment, known as negative pressure wound therapy, works like a vacuum cleaner to remove blood and fluid.

A vacuum pump is attached to a sealed dressing on the wound, and, through this, sucks out the fluid into a plastic canister.