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Prime Minister opposes assisted dying, doctors face imposed weekend work and why elderly should spend two minutes a day hopping

David Cameron has said he doesn’t support moves to legalise euthanasia. The Prime Minister’s declaration comes as MPs prepared to debate the Assisted Dying Bill in the Commons today.

It proposes two doctors could prescribe a lethal drug to a terminally ill patient wishing to die, but the patient would have to take it themself.

The Government and the BMA are starting negotiations today over whether weekend work should become compulsory for hospital consultants.

The BMA has highlighted that most doctors already work on weekends but health secretary Jeremy Hunt has complained that the fact they are under no obligation to is driving up costs for NHS trusts to fill shifts on weekends.

He has said he is willing to impose his proposed contractual changes.

Lastly, so that two minutes of hopping a day can reduce the risk of falls and breaks in frail elderly.

A Loughborough University study said just one year of regular hopping was enough to improve bone density in old people with thinning bones.