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Pulse rationing investigation widely covered, start trying for a baby by 23 and is there really a male menopause?

Several newspapers pick up on Pulse’s investigation into NHS rationing this morning. The investigation, which revealed cash-strapped CCGs are capping surgical referrals and rationing hearing aids among other measures, has made it onto the Telegraph’s front page and was also covered in the Daily Mail and Independent.

In other news, the Telegraph also reports on new research suggesting women wanting large broods should start trying for their first child at 23. This would make it likely they would become a mother of three, scientists said, while those aspiring for two kids should try from 27 and those wanting at least one advised to start at 32.

However some reassuring news for older women was also dispensed, with researchers finding even women over 40 had a 50% chance of conceiving.

But not only women are affected by ageing, according to the Independent, which reports on new ‘controversial’ research claiming men also suffer from menopause. Researchers said 20%of men over 50 were likely to suffer low testosterone levels, which could lead to symptoms including hot flushes, night sweats, joint pain, low libido, depression and an increase in body fat.

However scientists quoted disputed the findings, which implied more men should be given testosterone top-ups, warning this was ‘misleading’ and ‘potentially dangerous’ research.

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