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Rare meat superbug warning, grieving families ‘fobbed off’ by NHS and hospital patients left to ‘self monitor’

Brits are being warned to cook all meat thoroughly to avoid infection with drug-resistant superbugs.

A report to the Government said raw meat should be handled with care and, according to the Sun, it ‘signals the end’ for rare steaks or medium-cooked burgers.

The paper also publishes a small handy cooking guide to avoid any ‘mis-steak’… Har har.

The NHS puts up a ‘wall of silence’ to grieving families, who are ‘fobbed off’ when they complain about mistakes in their loved ones’ care, writes the Daily Mail.

‘Parents and families are being met with a wall of silence from the NHS when they seek answers as to why their loved one died or was harmed,’ said Health Ombudsman Dame Julie Mellor.

An ombudsman report out today showed hospitals cleared staff in 73% of 150 cases where failures had led to avoidable death or serious harm.

NHS patients are ‘taking the strain’ of financial pressures on the health service, reports the FT.

‘Scarce resources’ has prompted the Government to develop strategies for hospital patients to ’self monitor their condition via mobile apps’, reducing admin work for NHS staff.