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Report into Savile’s crimes released, call for banning of energy drinks and full body transplants ‘are possible’

Leading the BBC news today, and featured in all the main nationals, is the publication of the independent report into Jimmy Savile’s crimes at the Stoke Mandeville hospital.

It found Savile had abused 63 people from the hospital, but the one formal complaint was ignored.

It found Savile’s reputation as a ‘sex pest’ was an ‘open secret’ among some staff – but allegations probably did not reach managers.

The BBC reports that there are calls for energy drinks to be banned for children under 16.

A team from the campaign and research group Action on Sugar surveyed the nutritional labels of 197 drinks found in supermarkets and online, finding that one had up to 10 teaspoons of sugar per 250ml, twice as much as others surveyed.

It is thought teenagers get 30% of their sugar from soft drinks.

The Guardian today reports that has drawn up plans to graft a living person’s head on to a donor body and claims the procedures needed to carry out the operation are not far off.

Sergio Canavero, a doctor in Turin, Italy – and not a figment of Mary Shelley’s imagination – told New Scientist magazine that he wanted to use body transplants to prolong the lives of people affected by terminal diseases.