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Stressed girls are hospitalised, why you should pick ice cream over wine, and do you have a heart defibrillator handy?

There is concern for women and girls after official statistics revealed they are more likely to be hospitalised with mental health problems.

The Guardian reports on new NHS figures that showed there were nearly 300 incidents of girls aged 15 to 19 admitted to hospital for stress over a 12-month period, while almost three out of 10 admissions for anxiety over the same period were women aged 60 and over.

Overall, however, the number of admissions for both stress and anxiety decreased somewhat on the previous year, with NHS statisticians saying the figures showed ‘interesting age and gender patterns’ for stress cases.

Should hearth defibrillators be as commonly available as fire extinguishers? According to the Independent, doctors have called for this in light of a study of ambulance call-outs to heart attacks in one English county over one year, which showed that the caller could access a defibrillator in only 44 cases. However in much fewer cases did they know how to actually use one.

Did you think Thursday night was an acceptable milestone in the week to nip to the shop for a bottle of wine? You might want to tuck that Nectar card back in your wallet, as Sainsbury’s said it was going to start marking the calory content in bottles of wine. The charity Drinkaware informed the Telegraph that a large glass, 250ml, of wine with a 13% alcohol content contains 228 calories. That’s some 28 more than a Cornetto according to the old Google.