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Summer immune system boost and snippy headlines

The Telegraph reports our immune systems may be boosted in the summer as Cambridge University researchers have shown seasonal variations in activity of nearly one in four genes.

The team tested activity changes in 23,000 genes in adults from across the world and among their results found one gene, ARNTL, which has been associated with infection suppression in mice, was more active in summer.

Researcher Chris Wallace said: ‘Our paper suggests that human immune systems adapt to show different seasonal variation in equatorial regions with fewer distinct seasons compared to regions at higher and lower latitudes with more pronounced differences between winter and season.’

The Independent has picked up Pulse’s report of an Essex CCG giving vasectomies the snip by capping the number of procedures GPs can perform.

GP leaders have called the move ridiculous and warned that ‘for the sake of saving a few pounds the CCG is taking the risk of a rise in unwanted pregnancies’.