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The key to reversing the ageing process, hospital inspections get under way and the midwives that are saving hundreds of pounds

Experts have found the key to reversing the ageing process, the front page of today’s Daily Express tells us, including busting stress via meditation.

Also reported by the BBC and The Telegraph, going on a ‘health kick’ has been found to actually reverse ageing ‘at a cellular level’, by lengthening telomeres, US scientists said. This includes switching to a healthy diet, taking regular exercise - as well as doing meditation and yoga, and taking counselling, to reduce stress.

Professor Ornish, from the University of California in San Francisco, said: ‘If validated by large-scale randomised controlled trials, these comprehensive lifestyle changes may significantly reduce the risk of a wide variety of diseases and premature mortality. Our genes, and our telomeres, are a predisposition, but they are not necessarily our fate.’

You may want to get on it soon, as the Daily Mail has helpfully put together a new list of signs that you are ageing - including getting longer teeth, changes in your voice, bigger feet and sneezing more.

The new hospital inspection ‘regime’ led by the CQC’s new hospital inspector Mike Richards is now getting under way, reports the BBC. The first target is Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, which will see about 30 inspectors descending upon it later today, while there will also be a public meeting hosted in the evening.

Magnetic wrist straps and copper wrist bands are ‘useless’ in reducing arthritis pain, UK researchers have found. The University of York study, reported today by the Telegraph, found patients wearing placebo bracelets without copper or any magnetic qualities reported the same effect. They now think that any effects of wearing the bracelets are all in the mind and arthritis sufferers should spend their money on other alternative therapies such as fish oils.

Lastly, on a morning of diverse health news reporting, pregnant women given a ‘named midwife’ have been found to have easier births and cost £333 less to the healthcare system. This included seeing the same midwife at each health visit as opposed to different healthcare professionals every time, reports the Telegraph.