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Young at heart live longer, the ‘elixir of life’ anti-ageing drugs on the horizon and yoga staves off heart disease

Feeling young at heart is the key to suviving longer according to new research, the Telegraph reports this morning.

Scientists found people who felt at least three years younger than their actual age were 41% less likely to have died over the eight-year study period than those who felt a year or more older.

For those not so blessed, the Daily Express front page provides some comfort, with news of a potential new elixir to ‘banish wrinkles and put a spring in your step’.

Apparently scientists have found genes linked to youthful things like suppleness that are also key to a long life, opening up the possibility of anti-ageing drugs to stave off chronic age-related diseases.

Lastly, you may be just as well to take up yoga as to start doing more strenuous exercise in order to keep your heart healthy, according to the BBC.

A study in the Netherlands has shown yoga is linked to reductions in heart disease risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol – with the effects as good as brisk walking or jogging.

Yoga could be helpful by reducing stress, the BBC says, while British Heart Foundation senior cardiac nurse Maureen Talbot said the benefits ‘could be due to working the muscles and breathing, which can bring more oxygen into the body, leading to lower blood pressure’.

She added: ‘A larger study is recommended though to assess the effects of yoga more fully.’