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GPs to staff ambulance services during NHS strike

CCG leaders have been asked to supply GPs to help staff the ambulance service during the NHS strike planned next week.

NHS England’s London area team has written to all CCGs and NHS trusts to ask for assistance during the 12-hour strike planned on Thursday 29 January and the 24-hour strike planned on Tuesday 24 February.

The letter says that final numbers and names of staff are required on Wednesday 21 January and CCGs have been asked to supply one GP each.

GPs will be required to attend three hours training in advance of the date of the strike action in central London.

The letter says: ‘Considering the scale of this industrial action, and its potential impact on the ability of London Ambulance Service to deliver ambulance services and maintain patient safety over an extended period of time, the NHS across London needs to collectively identify and mobilise support for them.

‘Due to the scale of the potential impacts this industrial action will have on the London health economy, I request you in accordance with our role under section 46 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to support us in coordinating the NHS emergency response for London. This requires that we take such action to ensure that London’s response is appropriate and coordinated.’