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‘Historic’ workforce plan to be published this week, says Prime Minister

‘Historic’ workforce plan to be published this week, says Prime Minister

The long-term NHS workforce plan will be published later this week and will be ‘one of the most significant announcements in the history of the NHS’, the Prime Minister has said.

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday, Rishi Sunak said the 15-year plan will make sure that ‘we can hire the doctors, nurses and GPs that we need, not just today, but for years into the future, to provide the care that we all need’.

Mr Sunak said the plan ‘will represent is the largest expansion in training and workforce in the NHS is history’ but will also ‘draw on the latest innovations and techniques to streamline the process from classroom to clinic, because it’s right that healthcare adapts and evolve as our needs change’.

‘This is the NHS’s plan. And it’s right that we back them to do it and it will mean people can have confidence that the doctors and nurses and GPs that we will need will be there and then we can reduce our reliance on foreign-trained healthcare professionals,’ he said.

Admitting that recruitment efforts may ‘take time’ to have an impact for patients, he said taking a longer-term approach was ‘the right thing to do’.

‘Governments should make the right long term decisions for the country. It has never been done before. People have always said the NHS needs a long term plan. So we hire more doctors, more nurses, more GPs, and we and yes, as you say it takes five, 10, 15 years for these things to come through. That doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing for me to do because I’m focused on doing the right long-term things for the country.’

The long-awaited plan is expected to announce a doubling of medical school places and a greater focus on bringing in new NHS staff – including doctors – via apprenticeship routes. It is not known what plans it will set out to retain existing NHS staff – including GPs – who are currently in dispute with Government over workload and funding.



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Iain Chalmers 26 June, 2023 11:43 am

And mean while no immediate plans to save the ship

Simon Gilbert 26 June, 2023 12:06 pm

The Workers had leant to applaud the latest Plans from the Central Bureau of Health Planning. Their thinning ranks contrasted with the ever increasing promises from the Chief Comrade. Although some remembered the number of staff promised was lower in the past they put this thought to one side as they turned to face the local comptroller, placed their hand over the logo on their scrubs and, with tears in their eyes, recited en masse ‘Save our NHS, save our NHS’.

Darren Tymens 26 June, 2023 12:45 pm

Let’s mark their homework.

‘5000 more GPs by 2020’ (J Hunt, 2015) = actual result was -1500
‘6000 more GPs by 2024 (M Hancock then S Javid, 2019) = actual result (allowing for government cheating by claiming trainees in number) approx – (another) 1000

So, I predict round three will be ‘7000 more GPs by 2028’, probably by counting every child given a doctor’s set as being a GP.

Fedup GP 26 June, 2023 1:59 pm

Long term thinking is needed – but really you need to plug the hole in the bucket first. I would suggest that ignoring the pay issues around juniors and seniors is not the best start.

John Graham Munro 26 June, 2023 4:44 pm

Can you really imagine what’s coming?————–I think we’ll have to invent a new word for it

James Weems 27 June, 2023 10:26 pm

Doctors, nurses and GPs (pahhhh). Not even doctors now.