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Are you owed ‘transformational’ funding?


 The BMA’s FOI request revealed a number of CCGs are delaying providing funding of £3 per head.

£0 in 2017/18

  • NHS Harrogate and Rural District CCG – A spokesperson for the CCG said: ‘HaRD CCG is continuing to work with our GP federation to develop plans for utilising the transformation funds.’
  • NHS Herefordshire CCG – Lesley Woakes, director of primary care for NHS Herefordshire CCG, said: ‘We are committed to spending the full £3 per head of transformational funding in 2018/19. We have already started this investment with £200k aligned to our Primary Care Home initiative in 2017/18.’
  • NHS Mansfield & Ashfield CCG/NHS Newark & Sherwood CCG – A spokesperson for the two CCGs said: ‘We have provided significant funding to support primary care in the following ways: Centralised home visiting – which supports both GPs and hospitals, by sending highly skilled nurses direct to patients to treat them at home; multidisciplinary support, based around general practice lists with integrated community teams working together to help patients to recover more quickly; nurse practitioners in care homes – which has resulted in reduced visits from these patients to both general practice and hospitals’
  • NHS North Kirklees CCG
  • NHS North Lincolnshire CCG
  • NHS North, East and West Devon CCH
  • NHS Nottingham North and East CCG/NHS Nottingham West CCG/NHS Rushcliffe CCG – A spokesperson for the three CCGs said: ‘We are aware of the requirement and have ring fenced the £3/head to include in our 18/19 financial plans. In line with the General Practice Forward View, the funding will be used to provide support to general practice to improve access across the three CCG areas.’
  • NHS South Devon and Torbay CCG
  • NHS Thurrock CCG – David Mountford, interim chief finance officer, NHS Thurrock CCG said: ‘Whilst it looks like we’ve not invested in primary care this year, this is absolutely not correct. We’ve been working with colleagues in health and social care to increase our primary care offer. Thurrock is ahead of the game with well-established health hubs, now in their third year of operation and offering out of hours routine care, staffed by Thurrock GPs and nurses. For the second time, this winter we are operating the hubs 7 days a week.’
  • NHS Vale of York CCG – A spokesperson said: ’The CCG’s Governing Body has approved the release of the £3 per patient funding from the CCG’s NHS England allocation for core services from the start of the 2018-19 financial year, in accordance with the NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance. The principles for how this will be used have been developed with practices and the LMC and approved by the Council of Representatives. Proposals for the use of this funding will be developed by practices over the coming months to allow investment from the start of April.The net amount of this funding across NHS Vale of York CCG practices, with a patient list size of approximately 354,000, is £1,062,000.”

Less than £1 per patient in 2017/18

  • NHS Bath and North East Somerset CCG
  • NHS Castle Point and Rochford CCG
  • NHS Darlington CCG
  • NHS East Staffordshire CCG
  • NHS Haringey CCG
  • NHS Lincolnshire West CCG
  • NHS North East Hampshire CCG
  • NHS Southend CCG
  • NHS Walsall CCG

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