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Main changes in the 2022/23 GP contract in England


  • The extended access element of the Network DES will require all practices to offer the full range of ‘routine’ services such as screening, vaccinations and health on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm. More guidance will follow
  • NHS England has removed the contractual requirement that at least 25% of appointments are available for online booking. There will be a ‘more targeted requirement’ that all appointments which do not require triage are able to be  booked online, as well as in person or via the telephone. More guidance will follow.
  • GP practices will be required to respond to Access to Health Records Act (AHRA) requests for deceased patients. However, the requirement for practices to always print and send copies of the electronic record of deceased patients to Primary Care Support England (PCSE) is removed. They say the savings from removing this requirement will ‘far outweigh’ the additional burden of managing AHRA requests.
  • There will be some minor changes to vaccinations and immunisations in 2022/23), including:
    • For HPV there will be a transition from Gardasil 4 to Gardasil 9 during 2022/23, and a move from a three-dose schedule to a two-dose schedule (with doses given at least six months apart), for both those aged 15 and over, and for the national HPV MSM vaccination programme. A three-dose schedule will remain for those who are HIV positive or those who are immunocompromised;
    • There will be an end to the 10 and 11-year-old MMR catch-up programme and the requirement for practices to take part in one catch up campaign per year;
    • The Men ACWY Freshers programme will come to an end on 31 March 2022;
    • There will be a wider childhood immunisation campaign taking place during the early part of 2022 to support recovery of these programmes  aimed at capturing children that missed these immunisations due to the pandemic Practices will be asked to support uptake of routine childhood immunisations for 0 to 5-year olds and will receive the IOS payment of £10.06  per dose
  • The £20m funding in the Global Sum to reflect workload for practices from Subject Access Requests will go on a year longer, continuing into 2022/23
  • No new additional indicators will be added to QOF when the temporary income protection arrangements come to an end in March 2022. Quality Improvement (QI) modules for 2022/23 will focus on optimising patients’ access to general practice and prescription drug dependency
  • There will be another £280m available for PCNs to recruit additional staff under the additional roles reimbursement scheme.
  • There will be a doubling of mental health practitioners roles to support people with complex mental health needs, plus additional flexibility to help support recruitment to these roles

Read NHS England’s letter on the 2022/23 GP contract changes in full here.