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Five ethical dilemmas from 2015 – what would you do?

1. Can I stop a patient recording our consultation? 

A notoriously difficult patient starts an appointment by asking to record the consultation. Can you refuse their request? And what can you do if the patient records it covertly? 

Consultation carousel

Consultation carousel


2. Should I report a patient I suspect of benefits fraud? 

Three experts advise what to do if you suspect a patient is defrauding the welfare system

Consultation 330x170

Consultation 330×170


3. My colleague is depressed, but won’t see their GP. What should I do?

A colleague has admitted that she is not coping well at work and is depressed, possibly suffering from burnout. However, she refuses to see her GP, or seek other professional help. What should you do?

working late - burnout - stress

working late – burnout – stress


4. Should we reimburse a wasted prescription charge? 

One of your GP partners has arranged a prescription for an antibiotic to treat an ongoing UTI. He later realises that he had misread the MSU sensitivities, and the infection was resistant to that antibiotic. By then, the patient had had the item dispensed, and she asked if the practice would reimburse her the wasted prescription fee. How should you respond?

prescription long

prescription long


5. Are Good Samaritan Acts a bad idea?

While on holiday this year, a woman collapsed and you step in to help. Was this the right decision?

A&E entrance - emergency - emergency - online

A&E entrance – emergency – emergency – online