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11. Dr Kailash Chand

Dr Kailash Chand comes in at number 11 in our 2013 Pulse Power 50 list - up 21 places since 2012.

Despite being elected as deputy chair of the BMA last year, Dr Kailash Chand has had not let the Tavistock Square spin-doctors water down his campaign to preserve the values of the NHS.

He regularly writes for national newspapers, tweets and speaks to the media about the Government’s reforms. As one GP peer put it: ‘Written from the heart and read by thousands of people he always makes it clear how the current political incumbents are destroying our world renowned NHS.’

Others said his ‘strong defence of general practice and the values it stands for’ and they way he ‘ fiercely’ defends the NHS were reasons to nominate him.

Dr Chand is an experienced political operator, having served on the GPC from 1999 to 2009 and  becoming chair of NHS Tameside and Glossop in 2009.

He says his biggest disappointment in the past year was to see the Health and Social Care Act come into force and the changes that the Government is intending to make to the GP contract.

Dr Chand says: ‘In my view, and I am not mincing my words, I think that he is the worst health secretary we have ever had. He is very good at blaming others for his own shortcomings and he can’t deliver what he says he will.’

Dr Chand is not only a man of words, behind the scenes he also works to make the BMA more accessible to all of its members. He says that this coming year will see the piloting of a number of ways that grassroots members, also including trainees and students, can express their views and become more active members via new internet platforms.

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