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12. Dr Fay Wilson


New entrant Dr Fay Wilson is an ‘honest, passionate advocate of general practice and all that is good about it', according to our panel.

The Birmingham GP is also a director of out-of-hours provider BADGER and former chair of the LMCs Conference.

Describing herself as an old-fashioned feminist, she has bemoaned the loss of the only female GPC negotiator and has done her bit for female representation on the BMA after putting her hat in the ring to become the next BMA deputy chair.

Dr Wilson has defended the BMA leadership in the past over its handling of the NHS pensions dispute, arguing: ‘What do you do with a Government that says: "We aren't talking to you – clear off!"?'

In the year to come, Dr Wilson predicts CCG implementation will bring about a ‘huge amount of navel gazing' for the profession and is critical of the misconstrued role of the CCG as a performance manager of GPs.

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