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34. Dr Charlotte Jones


Nominated for ‘combining imagination and hard work', Dr Jones took a real leap just over a year ago when the Swansea GP was elected deputy chair of GPC Wales.

She is described by GPC colleagues as an ‘experienced and very effective communicator' and a ‘very clear thinker with the potential of becoming a very high-level GP negotiator'.

Indeed, her upward trajectory in her colleagues' estimation could see her become the next chair of GPC Wales when one of her key mentors, Dr David Bailey, steps down next year.

She was picked out by Pulse as one of the future stars of general practice in 2010 and she has more than fulfilled that promise, despite describing it as a ‘big learning curve'.

She is currently a member of the training and workforce committee of the GPC and a GP trainer, appraiser and manager of out-of-hours services since 2004. She is also a member of Morgannwg LMC.

Over the next year, Dr Jones will have to tackle the Welsh Government's plans to have GPs opening on Saturdays and the much-delayed rollout of revalidation.

She says: ‘The year has been exciting, both locally in Wales and UK-wide. I'd like to think I have learned a lot while also keeping my finger on the pulse locally.'

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