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8. Dr Knut Schroeder

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dr schroeder knut 3×2

Working on the fringes of the University of Bristol, this GP noticed a need among the student population for accessible, authoritative health advice. This year, his Expert Self Care app (ESC Student) – free for students – could have a huge impact, particularly given the rising rate of suicide among students in England and Wales.

Students can find reliable, clear health information on some 120 relevant topics 24/7. The app has a focus on mental health issues, such as anxiety, self-harm and alcohol problems and has won the support of the Student Health Association and the Higher Education Policy Institute.

Dr Schroeder developed the app himself, setting up a social enterprise to fund the project, and recruited a panel of 30 students to improve the tone and user experience. He offers educational institutions and NHS organisations branding options for a yearly fee and has committed to re-invest at least 50% of profits back into the business or give it to charity.

What he says ‘My favourite moment of the year was initial feedback from a young person who self-harms on a test-version of our new self-harm support app, saying “I really, really like it” – which made it all worthwhile’

What others say ‘He absolutely deserves recognition. Students love the app, universities are promoting it’



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