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18. Dr Samira Anane

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18 dr anane samira power50 2017 18

Dr Anane is chair of the BMA’s GP Trainee subcommittee at perhaps the most critical time in the role’s history.

She has to help mend the fractious relationships between junior doctors, NHS bodies and the Government in the wake of the junior doctors’ strikes and the subsequent contract imposition – at a time when the NHS is desperate to boost trainee numbers.

And while her successes have already been noted, with nominators applauding her part in ‘winning safeguards in the GP trainees’ contract’ to prevent trainees being overworked, this is going to be an uphill task.

Dr Anane said she was proud her team had been able to hash out guidance on a new training contract for GPs in such a short time but, as the contract comes in, she anticipates many more ‘teething problems’ to navigate.

Dr Anane said she was proud this year to secure time for a GP trainees session at the BMA’s LMCs Conference. She says: ‘It was great to have the spotlight on GP trainees with the focus on how we could recruit and retain the future GP workforce. Lots of GP trainees spoke and I was very grateful to be able to feedback post-debate – initially daunting but an experience that I will forever treasure.’

On a more personal note, she said attending a meeting with representatives from HEE and the RCGP while her six-month child sat on her knee after a childcare dropout was a career-affirming moment.

The coming months don’t look likely to be any calmer. While keeping watchful eye on the impact of cuts to the GP training budget in England and problems with pay, she is also taking on a new role looking at the risks and rewards of Manchester’s devolution project and is eager to boost engagement with the sessional GP workforce.

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‘One of the best GP trainee chairs I have come across’

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Climbed Japan’s Mount Fuji in sub-zero temperatures